Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hello everyone! I am having great success with the KU Library. I am still gathering information on my topic, which is fetal alcohol syndrome. I am still not sure what stand I will take, so my thesis is not yet done. I have been very busy traveling lately. It is a relief to know that you can just pack your laptop and continue with your school work no matter where you are. I have taken Professor Thomas's advise and I read one article a night before bed. It really does help to get through the research. I have actually started to read more than one, as I have come across a lot of information. I feel the hardest part of our paper is the research and coming up with a solid thesis. Once I have accomplished those 2 things, the rest falls in place. The thesis can help me start an outline and then the rough draft is much easier. I wish everyone the best of luck on their papers!

Cynthia Hayward

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