Friday, October 29, 2010

Hello Professor Thomas and Class,

I am in the process of research for my paper. I am taking the professor's advice and gathering twice as much research than what is suggested. I do not know what stand I am going to take on my topic yet. I always do only what is required and it does not always pay off. I want to go above and beyond what is required so that I can get a good grade. In unit 9 when the paper is due, it is worth 250 points!! That is a great deal of points and we can use all of them!!!!! I hope everyone is having success on their research. I do appreciate all the papers I have written so far here at Kaplan. I now have more knowledge on topics such as the pancreas and the liver. This information can only make me better prepared for the medical field i am about to enter. Talk to you all next week:)

Cynthia Hayward

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  1. I was just wondering what you are going to write about. I know the paper is worth a lot of points and I am hoping that I can get some help along the way from fellow classmates because I have trouble when it comes to writing a thesis statement. Have you had success in finding a lot of material in the KU Library. I am also looking for other creditable sites to find information on my topic. Do you have any suggestions where to look?