Friday, December 17, 2010

Hello Professor Thomas and Class!!! This is it!!! Professor Thomas - THANK YOU!!! You have helped me a great deal:) This is the third time I have taken this class. I have struggled with this class for quite some time now. Writing papers has proven to be extremely challenging for me. I finally achieved success!! I feel so relieved, you have no idea. I was told that if I did not pass this time around I could not continue with my education. I have been very nervous for 9 weeks!! I learned a great deal this time around and it will stick me for a long time to come. The first professional letter that I write in my new career, I will remember this class!! Thanks again Professor Thomas:) Cynthia Hayward

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hi everyone! I am putting the final touches on my paper and am relieved that it is done. This is the first paper that I actually feel pretty good about. I learned a great deal from this class and feel more confident in my writing skills. I believe writing is a gift and a true talent. I do not enjoy it that much, but I feel confident I can now produce a professional paper. This course will prove to be a valuable tool as I hope to become a medical office manager. I will surely have to write professional letters and documents. Thank you Professor Thomas for a great class:)